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Jun 22, 2017 17:33:45 GMT -5
Important Reads!

This is where you will find just about everything there is to know about this site; the history, plot, rules etc, along with our Of The Month competitions once they start!
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by .:fernweh:.
Jun 3, 2017 20:55:43 GMT -5
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This is where you post your advertisements and affiliate requests. Do not post them anywhere else, and please, read the rules before posting. They are simple and easy to follow!

Affiliate Requests - Open
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Graphics Department

Here our head of the graphics department calls thier home. Requests can be made, but please make sure our graphics staff is taking requests before you bombard them! If you would like your own graphics board, please send a sample of your work to the Head Graphic Designer of Piume, and if you past ze test you will get your own sub board!

Head of Graphics Revvy
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Graphics Headquarters

Character Center

New Birth

This is the place where you will find the form to fill out in order to create a new character! Foal bios can be found here as well, in the sub-board.

Do not post with your character until he/she is accepted, please!

Currently accepting - Angelics, Demonics, Indifferent
16 threads 31 posts Yukiri-Indifferent-Daughter of Varek
by .:fernweh:.
Jun 30, 2017 18:14:53 GMT -5
Accepted, Foal Bios

Basically where you can keep track of all your characters and their threads, etc. You can format your own thread however you wish, so feel free to let loose your creativity!

One thread per member!

3 threads 8 posts Pieces Of The Heart
by Sacoorah
Jun 30, 2017 21:02:16 GMT -5
Death and Deletion

Has your character died during a battle or as a result from old age? Perhaps you've lost all muse for them and now want to lay them at rest.

There is a sub-board to use if you want to put your character up for adoption before freezing them.
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The Valley of Peace

Two Fork Creek

This part of Piume Equino is unclaimable by any one equine. We like to call it the meeting area. Alliance doesn't matter. The terrain itself is a lush valley dotted with forests. Two Fork Creek, the creek which runs off from of Angelic mountain range, winds its way through the center. Its peaceful and quiet here, making it the perfect place to find where you belong in these new lands.
3 threads 20 posts The time has come ( Tucker and Nerina)
by .:fernweh:.
Jun 28, 2017 9:30:29 GMT -5
Love Bird Lane

This long winding path through the woods outskirting the Two fork Creek lands has been called Love Bird Lane since the first king and queen of Piume met here. The thick forest gives off a musty smell, and foliage pads the trail. An abundance of birds make thier home in the trees, and during spring thier songs can be heard for miles. Many a equine come here to find thier mate.
2 threads 8 posts Character Genetic Chart (must read)
by augustine
Jun 14, 2017 18:10:52 GMT -5
The Hollow
White Rock Field

A wide open field marred with a flat sandstone rock makes up White Rock Field. Foals like to call this haven thier "playpen". The big rock serves as a "lookout" for young, playing warriors. Its is quiet, and open, so the threat of danger is relativley small. The grass is rich all year, so its the perfect place to call a temporary home if you have little ones. There is also a sub board for foal adoptions.
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Sunrise Shore

Lands of The Angelic

The Throne of King Tucker

A majestic mountain is the center piece of this terra, it's steel gray stone standing out against the luminous green of the surrounding terra's. A well-trodden path paves the way to the King's quarters, only once being disturbed by the River. The grasses here grow thick and lucious during the spring and summer, yet fade quickly when colder weather sets in.

King - Tucker, King of all Angelic
Queen - Not decided
1 thread 2 posts The Lands Of King Tucker
by Sacoorah
Jun 13, 2017 20:26:19 GMT -5
Herd Stats
Valley of Angels

A low valley rests below King Tucker's mountain, and it is here that his many of his most loving subjects reside. Emerald grass can be found just about everywhere, and a well-supplied stream feeds both vegetation and residents. It is not ruled as of yet, but when King Tucker finds the most qualified equine he can, they will gain a glorious title.

Lead Stallion - None
Lead Mare - None
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Forest of Halo's

A deep forest resides in this part of the Angelic lands.Tthe tall trees that make up this place have been growing for hundreds of years. Good grass is not very common, due to the leafy roof, yet there are various "holes" in said roof, letting in floods of sunlight which in turn allow delicate turfs to develop. In the summer, this place is a cool, refreshing spot that some take refuge in, and, during the winter, it is a shelter against the driving snow that often terrorizes the Angelic lands.

Lead Stallion - Marcolin
Lead Mare - None

2 threads 4 posts Ranks and Rules
by Sacoorah
Jun 13, 2017 20:37:57 GMT -5
River of Gold

A glittering river runs through a well-endowed plain, the origin of such a river stemming from Tucker's Peak and traveling through the forest, reaching this plain, where it continues on to empty itself in a large lake that stands in the Valley. The name comes from tiny, almost miniscule flecks of gold that are often carried from the Mountain. Trees and tall rushes grow along the shallower part of the banks. The river varies in depth, and while some spots may be shallow enough to ford, others might prove to be dangerous with small rapids and undertows.

Lead Stallion:
Lead Mare: None

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The Demonic Tribes

Throne of Lord Foulgrin

While the forests of the Angelic lands are pleasant treks, the forests which grow in the realm of Foulgrin are dark and dreary, the sun rarely penetrating the deep trees, its light blocked by a small range of pinnacling mountains. Storms often pass through these parts making the atmosphere humid, more often than not. Mosses cover the rocks and trees, creating a slightly unsettling mood. At the very back of the this forest, a small series of dark caves create the dwelling of Lord Foulgrin.

Lord - Foulgrin, Ruler of the Demonic
Lady - Undecided
3 threads 4 posts The Lands of Lord Foulgrin
by kay
Jun 25, 2017 16:53:01 GMT -5
Herd Stats
The Devil's Grove

The terra could be beauiful, if it were not for its daunting center. An intimidating, large wood provides shelter for numerous wild beasts that have proven to pose a threat to any that pass through. Thickets of thorns and toxic plants thrive in the heavy undergrowth of this "grove". The outer ring of this terra contains both tough and edible grass, and a creek or two flow through the large stand of trees, though some refuse to drink from the lower end of said creeks.

Lead Stallion - None
Lead Mare - None
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Field of Ghosts

A flat plain that sits at the lowest point in the Demonic lands. It's face is virtually unadventuresome, aside from the various trees and grasses that grow. What makes this field stand out more, however, is the layer of fog that always presides over the area. The thickness varies on the weather, growing heavier with warmer, more humid conditions, and lessening in colder, dryer weather.

Lead Stallion - None
Lead Mare - Moonraker
1 thread 3 posts [claim] as the day grows colder
by kay
Jun 23, 2017 14:11:06 GMT -5
The Black Bog

Trees lay scattered about this terra, some alive, most are dead, naked trees that are settled on the fringe of a swamp. The earth inside this swamp is water-logged, squishy, and, if you're not careful, a pit of quicksand could swallow you up. A doughnut of dry, safe land surrounds the swamp, and it is here that most sane horses dwell.

Lead Stallion - None
Lead Mare - None
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The Lands of the Indifferent

The Palace of Queen Nerina

Here Queen Nerina calls home. The queen can be found lurking among the thickets so found so abundantly in this terra. A small meadow makes up this Queen's personal feeding area. At the edge of her meadow a low, dome shaped thicket padded with leaves compose her dwelling. Her homeland is mostly grass, with a few stands of trees intermingled.

Ruler -

Ruless - Nerina, Queen over all Indifferent
1 thread 1 post The Lands of Queen Nerina
by .:fernweh:.
Apr 12, 2012 21:13:15 GMT -5
Herd Stats
Moss Wood Forest

The first of the individual Terra's in Nerina's lands is one to be admired in deed. While not rich in vegetation, it is of moderate temperatures all year round. The equines who claim this land though will need to adapt to eating various moss, lichen, and fungi. This forest is found deep past Nerina's thicket, and is a heavy woodland with little sunlight reaching the ground. A quiet stream winds its way to the center of this terra, emptying into a pool that's clear as glass.

Lead Stallion none
Lead mare none
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Grey Backs Den

This small area is comprised of a meadow of rolling hills. The grass here is more reedy than lush, and when the wind blows quite a rukous is made. In one of the hills is an old den carved out of the land. It's large mouth goes down into the earth , spilling out into a large, open cavern. A natural, mineral laden spring skirts the outside edge, the small luminous creatures that dwell in it lighting up the cavern with a dull glow. The den is named after Grey Back, an equine who's shape shift animal was a large grey wolf. As times got hard Grey Back started to stay in his wolf form more and more, and eventually stopped shifting back to horse all together. It was while in his wolf form that he dug out this den.

Lead Stallion - none
Lead Mare - none
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Purple Canyon

This peice of land is at the far reaches of the indifferents, and it makes up the canyon that splits the East and West plains of the Angelic and Demonic tribes, and to North the Indifferents lands begin. The canyon's floor is a soft sand that holds the suns heat well, making nights bearable if you know where to sleep. There is little vegetation in the canyon, so the beings that dwell here must make the long northward hike to thier own home land to eat, or follow one of the game trails up to the Angelic or Demonic herds and steal a bit of food. The canyon gets it's name because of the color of the rock face, a deep violet.

Lead Stallion -none
Lead Mare - none

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The Feather Mark Herds

Eleanor's Forest

Here, in this tall red wood forest at the far reaches of the lands of Piume, Lady Eleanor calls her home. The forests are older than Piume, the giant trees making homes for all types of creatures. Eleanor's home is in the center of a dead Red Wood, her quarters spacious and easy to call home. The equines here have adapted to eating moss of various types, along with some tender spring grass from the edges of their forest. Her subjects are few, and all live among her in neighboring trees. Since the Feather herds are in hiding, and are rare, they choose to remain one large herd and not break off into smaller factions.

Lord - None yet
Lady - Lady Eleanor, ruler of all the Feather's
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by Sacoorah
Jun 15, 2017 22:49:41 GMT -5
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